Can the Little Guy Make It Big on the Internet? Jim Mack Says ‘Now You Can with ProBuilderPLUS’

ProBuilderPLUS is a new internet marketing MLM that pays people to promote on the internet. Why not get paid to do what you are doing anyway? ProBuilderPLUS will be one of the best and most respected businesses of its kind on the internet.

The ProBuilderPLUS System is a new MLM or network marketing company that is on the verge of exploding. Over 20,000 people joined in one weekend. The cool thing is that the little guy can get involved.

ProBuilderPLUS has in the past worked with several MLM and internet marketing companies to help them market effectively on the internet. Now ProBuilderPLUS is doing this on their own.

ProBuilderPLUS is a company that gives anyone the tools to be successful on the internet. All for only $30 a month. You get an autoresponder, interactive flash presentations, lead capture pages, web conferencing and even voice mail broadcasting. Jim Mack of fame told us “The really neat thing is that some people on the internet are paying $1500 to be in a company that does voice broadcasting and you get all this for $30 a month.”

According to Jim and those who are now using this system, “It creates a level playing field for all those wishing success in internet business. It is a forced 2 x 2 system that compresses weekly. It forces people under you and that is the key to making money in MLM.”

Jim Mack, being an expert in direct sales and internet marketing with full knowledge of companies such as Alien Trust, 15 Daily Up, Coastal Club (Coastal Vacations), Emerald Passport, Profit Masters, Eventis and International Galleries, “this system was created so anyone could have success”. And you can market those opportunities with ProBuilderPLUS.

Jim’s comment regarding the choice of name for this major portal ProBuilderPLUS, was, “I know its funny, but it was really the only name that would fit, because there really is nothing to do. I have massive spillover and a power team behind me.

Having heard this kind of thing before, we peeled back the onion. What we found was for starters is, all the marketing is done by the company via a heavy advertising budget utilized in Search Engine-Professionally Optimized, websites, competitive key word, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and many other varied forms of media so the word does get out there.

Barriers such as advertising, follow-up, and “closing the deal.” which have always been a challenge for marketers are all addressed by this system. “The tools in this system allow anyone to market and make it big”, said Jim.

If you’d like to learn more about the ProBuilderPLUS, contact Jim Mack at 913-375-0052 visit his site at and

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