Cutting Edge, Automated Marketing System Gives Millions of Inexperienced Home Based Business Entrepreneurs the Ability to Be Successful Without Lifting a Finger

Finally, absolutely anyone on the planet, skilled or unskilled in marketing but wanting to start a business from home can have massive success with the “1 Step System”. No Hype, No Bull.

The 1 Step System is the world’s first 100% “hands-free, do absolutely nothing” business that promises to change the face of marketing forever.

The company’s founder’s Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl has put their talents together and started a company “Created By People Like You – For People Like You” Rod Stinson says, “We were determined to make a better mousetrap, a better home-based business income opportunity model in an effort to significantly raise the success rate!”

“Bottom line my friend, Chris and I are driven to see you and others succeed. We truly feel we’ve taken the home-based income opportunity model to another level. A level that will increase the participant’s success rate a thousand-fold just by doing 1 Easy Step.” added Rod.

Enter the 1 Step System. The gentlemen behind the 1 Step System are two of the most successful and talented people in MLM and Internet Marketing. It has continually been enhanced since the inception and will continue to be. The purpose of the automated system is to eliminate failure and place every business owner in a win-win situation. There is absolutely NO marketing, NO phone calls, NO talking to strangers, NO pitching to friends or family. In the world of marketing, this is a truly ingenious.

Jim Mack, an 18 year Direct Sales Industry Veteran, Sales Trainer and author had bold comments about the 1 Step System: “It sounded like hype and I almost missed it! I was one click away from missing the most lucrative opportunity I have seen in 12 years! I thank God I took the time to find out more! He further said, “This is the first business I have seen since I started direct sales that, literally, my 73 year old mother could do. That says a lot.”

How is this possible? Search Engine Technology is the answer and a complete “tool chest” of internet marketing products. Search engine powered “Automated Prospector” finds quality prospects from the SE keywords that are looking for a perfect home based business or an online marketing solution for their present business. The Automated System will piggyback the business you currently have so you can choose to have the 1Step System market your primary business or you can chose to market your 1Step System business AS your primary business.

Jim’s comment regarding the choice of name for this major portal of the 1 Step System,, was “I know its funny, but it was really the only name that would fit, because there really is nothing to do. They do your advertising, follow up and everything, you just collect the commissions. That’s what got me. It really is a passive income cash cow.”

The automated system then kicks in and does all the sorting (triple surveyed options) through these prospects and invites them to a teleconference. Then if they like what they hear, they sign up. There is even follow up through autoresponders which are automated as well

To read a more in-depth review about the 1 Step System features and capabilities, visit or read more about him at or call him at 913-375-0052.

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