Reliable Residual Opportunity with the 1 Step System

1 Step System is a new business opportunity that is in pre-launch right now. It is run by Rod Stinson and Chris Koehl. Two of the brightest minds in internet marketing and MLM today. They utilize search engine optimization, podcasts, webcasts and direct mail to promote the system

1 Step System is just a few weeks away from ending the pre-launch phase. Right now the company is experiencing tremendous growth. More and more people are visiting the website. Listening to the 37 minute teleconference and joining others in 1 Step System.

1 Step System is called a Complete Automated Home Business and is promoted as “Hands Free Income.” The company will help drive traffic to your personal 1 Step System website via search engines, podcasts and other offline marketing systems, and people will sign up. There is no selling, closing, or talking to do business with 1 Step System.

Jim Mack, being an expert in direct sales and Internet marketing with full knowledge of companies such as Prosperity Automated System, 15 Daily Up, Coastal Club (Coastal Vacations), Emerald Passport, Profit Masters, Eventis and International Galleries, “this system was created so anyone could have success. And I really like that”.

Unlike most US and Canada type companies, 1 Step System is also supposed to work anywhere on the globe. In fact, the top earners are featured on the company website. “I had a very nice lady from Sri Lanka send me $500 and I never spoke to her once. That is hands free income, said Jim”

Jim Mack, an 18 year Direct Sales Industry Veteran, Sales Trainer and author had bold comments about 1 Step System: “It sounded like hype and I almost missed it. I was one click away from missing the most lucrative opportunity I have seen in 12 years. I thank God I took a look at the opportunity.”

Jim’s comment regarding the choice of name for this major portal of 1 Step System,, was, “I know its funny, but it was really the only name that would fit, because there really is nothing to do. They do your advertising, follow up and everything, you just collect the commissions. That’s what got me. It is a passive income system that really is a cash cow.”

All the marketing is done by the company via a heavy advertising budget utilized in Search Engine-Professionally Optimized, websites, competitive key word, Pay-Per-Click Advertising and many other varied forms of media so the word does get out there.

Barriers such as advertising, follow-up, and “closing the deal.” which have always been a challenge for marketers are all addressed by this system. People go to the website, listen to a 37 minute teleconference and sign up.

1 Step System is reported to be a “marketing system itself” whose purpose is to promote an “Internet Marketing Toolbox”. It’s said, this is “ideal, for businesses such as Emerald Passport, Profit Masters, Eventis, Mentors On A Mission, Coastal Vacations, Liberty League International, Advantage Conferences, International Galleries and Success University just to name a few as a supplement or full time income.”

If you’d like to learn more about 1 Step System, contact Jim Mack at 913-375-0052 visit his site at and

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