Successful Business Entrepreneur Identifies Three Reasons for Home Business Failure

Successful business entrepreneur Jim Mack has launched a new Web site,, which describes the top three reasons for home business failure and provides information on how the 1 Step System solves these problems

Successful business entrepreneur Jim Mack has launched a new Web site, title=”1 Step System” href=””>1 Step System solves these problems.

Many of the best home based businesses have these three fatal flaws. More importantly, through working with many such home business professionals, the three most important reasons for failure have been identified:

1. Lack of sufficient, qualified prospects
2. Inability to deliver professional, effective product and opportunity presentations
3. Closing the sale

The 1 Step System was specifically developed to address the three top causes of home based business failures.

First, through massive search engine technology the 1 Step System finds thousands of real-time, quality prospects that are looking online specifically for the href=””>best home based business. Individual prospects are then instantly re-directed to the 1 Step System customers’ business web site. This provides the prospect the chance to register for the 37 minute tele-seminar and listen to Rod Stinson, one of the founders explain the opportunity. Large quantities of quality prospects to review their products and opportunities, thus eliminating the first cause of failure.

Then the 1 Step System web site becomes a product and opportunity information portal for the customer’s primary business. Serious prospects are provided professional, comprehensive multimedia presentations designed to describe exhaustively the products and income opportunity. In addition, third party testimonials provide credibility and the tele-seminar answers specific, common questions. Prospects are provided all the information necessary to make an informed business decision. The net result is a system that delivers professional, effective product and opportunity presentations flawlessly.

Finally, and the most powerful aspect of the 1 Step System is the process. When serious prospects request to be a part of the 37 minute tele-seminar they receive the number to the call and a follow up email. New members are never required to “talk the talk” prior to “walking the walk.” That is, only members that have achieved significant success are answering the prospects questions, dramatically enhancing the closing process. People that are looking to make money from home get their questions answered.

The 1 Step System successfully eliminates the top three causes of home based business failure. In doing so, it empowers anyone to achieve their financial goals. Jim Mack a successful business operator marketing the 1 Step System says, “This is the reason that really is a passive cash cow.”

Jim Mack is a successful business entrepreneur with 18 years traditional business management experience sales and marketing. Over the last 8 years he has developed multiple sales organizations and has turned several sales groups from losers to winners. Based in Olathe, Kansas, Mr. Mack concentrates on building sales groups and teaching his people to be winners and achieve their dreams. He can be reached at 913-375-0052 and at

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