How to Start a Lingerie Line

How to Start a Lingerie Line (Business)

Lingerie makes women look like a million dollars. Thanks to the lingerie industry! Venturing into a lingerie business can give you satisfaction if you are a fashion enthusiast, and love to make women enjoy their sexiness, this would be ideal. What’s more, you can do the business in your house if you want to, and open a shop when you get to expand the business.

Requirements for Starting a Lingerie Business


Make sure you have enough capital to get into the lingerie business. Evaluate the money you want to put in this venture. Draft a business plan that will help you get an approximation of the figures to except, add the cost for rent, the supplies, transport, license, and advertising. You can start up small if you have some financial constraints. Your house would be perfect!

Lingerie Products

Remove the least important of the products you wish to sell. Besides the nighties and teddy bears, you can as well sell slippers, jewelry, bras, feather boas, bra accessories, nursing gears, sexy costumes, plus size gears, and robes. Make sure you choose products that are in high demand such as tank tops with built in sports bra, best bras for backless dresses, best sports bras for runners with large breasts, among others.


You will get several customers with diverse preferences, identify your audience first to cater to each of their needs. For instance, you can get a 60-year adult to buy lingerie, but a robe could be appealing to her. Get to examine the lingerie shops in your locality and do market research concerning your target audience. It’s important to know what people want to see and buy from your shop.

Business Permit

You will need to get a permit as it lets you pay taxes without a hassle. Any item you sell in the state will be subject to a state sales tax. You, therefore, will need a federal tax identification number and a sales tax permit. If you are planning on attending any trade shows or are looking to buy goods in wholesale, then you must have a tax permit and an ID. You also need to register the business in case you’ll be doing it in a shop. When choosing a business name, go for something that would sound a bit sexy but subtle.

Location of the Shop

If you aren’t planning on working from your house, where you situate your shop would be primarily significant. Find a place that your clients can access with ease. If you are going to sell high-end lingerie, consider placing it near malls or places where rich people frequent. If you are aiming a younger crowd, get a space close to colleges, universities, shopping centers that generate traffic or downtown. Avoid areas that are known to have criminals regardless of the affordability of shop’s rent. Make your clients feel secure and comfortable when they visit your shop. Your shop should also be spacious to give room for mannequins, chairs, bathroom, dressing room, and a waiting area.

Inviting Decor

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Use suitable décor to make your store appealing. Choose the best lingerie and place them on the mannequins near the door to be seen easily. Make sure your theme is consistent; clients like when you are consistent. Notice how clean business people keep their boutiques’. You should also do the same since a clean environment is all sorts of welcoming. The dressing room should be decked out with comfortable seats, and the light should be good.

Get Wholesalers

Buy the lingerie, or fabric if you are planning on doing your designs. Contact those who supply in wholesale, or you can alternatively check out to get the products at a reduced price.

Make a Website

Create a website for the lingerie business. The About Me page should have the vision and background of your business laid out. Your policies should also be detailed. After which you can take photos of your lingerie and put them on your website. The images should be clear, vertical, and big enough to catch people’s attention. If you are doing the business at the comfort of your home, try selling on eBay or Etsy. Let your customers give their reviews of the products they purchased, as this could also help you reach out to more clients and build a relationship with them.

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Hire a Sales Person

Lastly, hire a salesgirl with knowledge on excellent customer care skills, and can make people feel comfortable. She should also be a fashion enthusiast and helps in making recommendations anytime she is asked.

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