Hair Salon Tips: Working with Brazilian Hair

Hair extensions have grown so popular among many women of all walks of life. With that said and due to these extensions being so popular, many professionals have provided some helpful tips for encompassing and maintain the lifespan of these hair extensions.

If you are running a hair salon, here are some tips to remember when working with Brazilian hair.

 1. Don’t panic when your hair sheds

Chaos and panic overwhelms almost every woman when hair extensions begin shedding. All women would agree that full, richly-textured hair with added volume is desirable. Here’s some advise from professionals: it is completely normal to have hair extensions that occasional shed. When this happens, don’t be too alarmed. Hair extensions will shed as time passes.

2. Try not to wash your extensions after every use

Many women who get new hair extension often make a common error. This is that they wash the hair extensions too frequently. Yes, these hair extensions do need to be washed and be well maintained. But overwashing will make the hair shed and lose its natural luster. So, ladies, don’t overwash your extensions. Professional stylists recommend that these hair extension should be washed every two to three weeks if the hair extensions are worn regularly.

3. Prevent hair from tangling when traveling

When you are travelling, handle your hair extensions gently. Always comb out tangles before storing your hair extensions. By doing so, you will prevent long term problems from emerging as no one likes tangled hair extensions. If you stored your hair in a suitcase without proper care, they will become tangled. To avoid this from happening, use travel storage compartments specifically made for storage of human hair extensions.

4. Simply enjoy your hair

Hair extensions add so much value to a woman’s looks. Women can’t help but enjoy every bit of pleasure that these extensions offer. As these extensions comes in an assortment of colors and styles, it is no wonder they are so popular. Quality does deserve to be enjoyed as well as maintained. So. my lovely ladies, take note that care should be maintained and followed religiously. I am sure every woman will agree when I say it is hard work investing to look so good. So, there is no harm in taking some time to relax and enjoy your crown of hair.

My two bits worth…..

Remember, the hair you have obtained is of the finest quality. Make sure you take care of it or the end result will not be pleasing as the hair will become dull, tangled, impaired and unmanageable. It is vital to use products that restore and maintain your hair extensions to its natural qualities. Your hair should be soft, tangle free, full of volume and added luster. Need some high-quality hair extensions? Try





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